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Updated WordPress Ping List 2018 (How to Use It)

in WordPress Tutorials on November 15, 2018

WordPress gives you the option to add the ping list for your site that will inform various search engines that your site is updated with new content.

If your site is relatively new, you must make the use of this default WordPress feature so that your blog post gets indexed faster.

The ping services send the required signal to the search engines and the directory that you have placed in the sing section whenever you publish, update or modify any post on your site.

There is no need for any kind of technical knowledge to take advantage of this feature. You can quickly add the WordPress ping list below to your WordPress site.

You don’t have to add all the links we have listed here, you can choose 10-15 from the list and use those on your site.

Using a long list of ping services don’t mean that your site will have an extra advantage.

Here is the updated ping list for WordPress site.

How to Add Ping List in A WordPress Site

You have the updated ping list, now the question is how and where to add this ping list on your WordPress site?

The answer is simple, just follow the path mentioned below to add this ping services list to your WordPress site so that whenever you publish or update a post on your site it sends the required signals to get your post indexed quickly.

Go to the admin dashboard on your site. Go to settings >> Writing and scroll down. You will see a box with the name update services, you need to copy and paste the list of ping services in that box and save it.

Ping Services List


Final Word

As you see, the process of adding the ping list to your WordPress site is very simple. Still, if you have any question about how to add the ping list, let us know by using the comment form below.

Updated WordPress Ping List 2018 (How to Use It)
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