TheShop Theme Review: A Quality E-Commerce Theme For WordPress

in Free Themes on October 4, 2018

TheShop is a free, easy to use e-commerce theme for WordPress websites. It comes packed with the popular WooCommerce plugin, which can help you create functional storefronts.

Apart from helping you set up a decent online store, the theme also packs in a number of customization options and some features.

Here, we will be taking a comprehensive overview of what TheShop brings to the table, and whether or not it is the right theme for you.


So without further ado, here is our review of TheShop – An E-Commerce Theme for WordPress.

TheShop Theme Features

Free WordPress themes are known to be a little lackluster when it comes to features. However, TheShop does come packed with all the basic functionalities that you may need to run an online store.

Let’s take a look at all the features it brings to the table.

Page Templates

TheShop comes with two different page templates to give you more flexibility. You get two different layout styles to work with.

One of them follows a more traditional design while the other sports a full-width layout. Choose whichever you see fits your brand and allows for a better customer experience.

Blog Options

TheShop - blogEven if you are running an online store, having a dedicated blog to compliment it will do you wonders. It is no hidden news that blogs are an excellent marketing tool.

Now TheShop WordPress themes come with its own set of options to help you run a simple blog on your e-commerce website. All these settings are located inside the WordPress Customizer.

Color Options

TheShop - Color OptionsColor plays an important role to help build a brand presence. Studies have also shown that it can influence customer behavior as well. Luckily TheShop features a lot of options to help you tweak around with the color schemes on your website.

You will be able to change the primary color schemes with plenty of other alternatives. There is also the option to set different colors for the site title and description to make it more appealing.

Google Fonts

A good and easy to read font is always appreciated on a website. However, if every site started using the same typography then it would seem rather mundane to the readers.

Now, with TheShop you get access to over 600 Google Fonts out of the box. Pick one which is different from your competitors but also packs a professional punch. You will notice a significant improvement in audience engagement levels.

Easy Theme Setup

TheShop is a super easy theme to use. Even WordPress newbies will get a hang of it in no time. It is completely plug and play. All you have to do is install and activate the theme and voila – it is ready.

You will also get a short tutorial video of around 2-3 minutes which will guide you through all the basic options and settings offered by theme, so you can use it fully.

Other Options

TheShop WordPress theme comes from the team of talented developers over at aThemes. The company is known for including some staple features with all their WordPress themes.

Here are some of the features that you will get with TheShop as it is an aTheme product.

  • Live Customizer: All the changes/customizations you make to your WordPress website can be viewed in real time as you go on editing them.
  • Consistent Updates: Free products are often abandoned by their developers. But that will not be the case with TheShop. You can also rest assured that you will also stay up to date with the latest version of WordPress.
  • Translation ready: The theme is designed to cater to a global audience. It follows the best internalization practices. Hence language barrier will not be an issue while using the theme.
  • Cross Browser Support: The theme supports mostly all the popular and modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, and Opera. Browser compatibility will not be an issue as your audience try to visit your website.
  • Fast Support: You will get access to a very active support form where all your problems, if any, will be resolved in a jiffy.

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TheShop Theme Review: A Quality E-Commerce Theme For WordPress
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