Metronic: Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Metronic Template

Meternoic is a responsive Bootstrap admin dashboard template that comes with all bells and whistles. The product is developed by an experienced team of developers, product managers, UX and QA resources.

Meternoic comes with full native support for Angular 6. Not only that it doesn’t have the jQuery dependency which makes it lightweight and easy to work without jQuery and makes it a great choice for developers who are looking for a responsive admin dashboard template.

To ensure that it fits every project type including enterprise. To make sure that enterprise can use it, it enterprise-ready file structure and solid extendable architecture. Not only that, but it also has full support for angular material and angular bootstrap integration.

Regarding functionality, it offers role and permission-based access control. It is powered by ngx-permissions and should be easy enough for the developer to set it up. It also comes with an authentication module powered by ngx-auth.

Overall, the design is also well done. It is a clean template where the structure is given importance. The standard of codes used in the template is also high which makes the theme even more appealing. All of this leads too better customizability as developers know what to expect.



  • Support for the latest Angular 6.11
  • Crisp and clean design
  • Enterprise-ready file structure
  • Full Angular material and angular Bootstrap integration
  • RxJS integration also supported
  • Offers security through ngx-permissions and ngx-auth
  • Charts can also be integrated using Chart.js
  • Supports CRUD operations
  • Inline editing based CRUD demos
  • Custom services support
  • RTL support
  • Tons of demos to choose from.
  • Sticky form action bar

The template is regularly updated and also comes with a lifetime free updates! The templates are now in its sixth year and still get updates regularly.

The template also comes with an exclusive layout builder. The layout builder is user-friendly and provides real-time configuration. After configuration, you can also export the HTML code and use it in your custom application.

The template is also open source, and hence you can also contribute to it by joining the GitHub repository. To make the template as much use as possible, it also comes with its native Datatable plugin which makes CRUD operations possible. The other key features that the template offers are responsive design, pagination, multilingual, and so on.

Overall, a great template that integrates seamlessly with the best tools and is enterprise ready.

Get Meternoic if you are looking for a feature-rich template with Angular support.

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