40 Best Restaurant Menu Templates (Modern Designs)

This article will cover the best restaurant menu templates that can help make a major difference to the sales of your restaurant. 

We know you’ve already got a lot to think about starting your own restaurant business. Right from arranging your sitting to rearranging your dishes, you want everything in order, but finding the ideal menu design can be difficult.

To help you do this, we have researched extensively to put together the 40 best restaurant menu templates. We’ve covered everything from eye-catching designs to modern and retro designs. 

Without wasting another second, let’s just dive in!

1. Food Menu Bundle

This modern and minimalist designed menu template is perfect for use for a variety of cuisines and restaurant types.

Its black and white design adds the perfect professional touch that can be used to promote restaurants, cafes, steak houses, etc. All the files are perfectly organized and you can customize it for any color. 

Food Menu Bundle

2. Trifold + Cafe Menu Template 

The chalkboard art in the Trifold + Cafe Menu Template simplifies the elegant restaurant food menu brochure.

Available for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, this template is equipped with graphic illustrations that are ready to print.

Moreover, all texts are easily readable and hand-drawn food illustrations add a unique appeal to it. 

Trifold + Cafe Menu Template

3. Blackboard Restaurant Menu

Another modern yet sleek menu design template, Blackboard Restaurant Menu Template is perfect for a multipurpose restaurant.

The black and white design, along with the letter size of 8.5 X 11 inches, makes the menu easily readable. For better customization, you get Photoshop PSD files. 

Blackboard Restaurant Menu

4. Elegant Food Menu 5

Elegant Food Menu 5 is a 7-page restaurant menu template that is known for its elegant and classic approach.

If your local restaurant wants to add a unique and classic touch to its space, this template can be your first choice. It carries with it two table tents and the template is print-ready. 

Elegant Food Menu 5

5. Newspaper Style Food Menu

Created by Guuver, this menu template, through its minimalist design, reserves a spot in our list of the best restaurant menu templates.

The newspaper design can be a perfect fit for multipurpose restaurants, cafes, and even bars. The only drawback is that it doesn’t include any images. So if visuals aren’t a problem for you, got for it.

Newspaper Style Food Menu

6. Seafood Menu Template

A delightful seafood menu template adds a flawless artistic feel to your seaside restaurant. The template is available in Photoshop Illustrator files. Moreover, the illustrations and texts are easily readable. However, it allows you to use only free fonts. 

Seafood Menu Template

7. Elegant Food Menu 7

Another one from the Elegant Food menu template series, Elegant Food Menu 7 comes originally in A3 size but can be resized to A4. It’s an easy-to-use trifold menu available in dark wood and white version. It gives an ideal sophisticated vibe and is easily customizable.  

Elegant Food Menu 7

8. Vintage Food Menu 

A Vintage design never goes out of style. It not only adds to create touch but provides a unique vibe to the customers. This menu template is fully customizable and is available as Photoshop PSD files. 

Vintage Food Menu

9. Modern Versatile Menu

This template is everything a modern restaurant needs. Eye-catching food images with unique text design give it the required appreciation.

It is specifically designed for Adobe Software, so will you need basic knowledge to edit the menu according to your needs. The photos are not included in the template. 

Modern Versatile Menu

10. Lore Beer Pub Menu

The unique color contrast is what sets this template apart from its competitors. This menu template can work as a perfect solution for your pubs, restaurants, and even cafes. The template set includes 5 different layouts that are print-ready. Moreover, the text is easily readable. 

Lore Beer Pub Menu

11. Retro Diner Food Menu

Another one from Guuver’s treasure, this menu template adds the nostalgic vibe your restaurant is seeking. A vibrant design comes with well-organized layers. In addition, you can change the image as well as edit the elements as per your needs. 

Retro Diner Food Menu

12. Classic Food Menu

Similar to what Vintage Food Menu had to offer, the Classic Food menu adds a simple yet unique touch to your restaurant.

With well-organized layers, this template is available in Ai and PSD files. The template is fully editable and compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Classic Food Menu

13. Menu Scene Mockup

Menu Scene Mockup has been the go-to template for many restaurants who want to give the modern touch. The pack includes 3 mockups and 3 PSD files. 

Menu Scene Mockup

14. Organic Menu Template

The minimalist design of this template is one of the best when it comes to the attention-grabbing appeal of the menu. This easy to edit template comes in 2 AI and 2 PSD files. Moreover, it includes organized layers and free fonts. 

Organic Menu Template

15. Restaurant Menu Mockup

Another one from the simple menu designs, Restaurant Menu Mockup has been specifically designed for flat menu presentations.

Although the set comes with 4 backgrounds, you can choose one of your own too. The best part of this template is that the smart objects are fully layered and can be removed or edited. 

Restaurant Menu Mockup

16. Rustic Restaurant Menu

Whether its cafe, restaurant, or bar, the Rustic Restaurant Menu seems to be perfect for any type of place. The set covers 10 PSD Editable files that include two food menu pages and two beverage menu pages. Moreover, the set covers the images.

Rustic Restaurant Menu

17. Clean & Classic Food Menu

Just like the name suggests, this menu template is as clean as classic a food menu should be. It is not only ideal for restaurants but also can be used for cafes and steak shops. The package includes 7 fully layered PSD and Ai files.  

Clean & Classic Food Menu

18. Modern Restaurant Menu (Belissimo)

Easy to read and eye-catching images are what make this menu template stand on the 18th place of our list. The files are designed specifically for Adobe software, so it will require basic knowledge for the desired editing. The menu is print-ready and the pack also includes a business card. 

Modern Restaurant Menu

19. Black and Gold Menu Template

For a luxurious and clean design, Black and Gold Menu Template can do wonders in a cafe, restaurant, and even in a bar. The unique design of this template allows you to describe your products with the help of a message box designed in gold. 

Black and Gold Menu Template

20. Elegant Food Menu 4

Another one from the Elegant food menu series, Elegant Food Menu 4 features everything you’ve been looking for. From A3 size posters that are customizable to A4 to personal cards and table tents, the package takes care of your every menu designing needs. 

Elegant Food Menu 4

21. Sports Bar Menu Flyer

Your sports bar needs to grab the instant attention of your customers and this menu is a perfect solution for it. Although it is designed with a Sports Bar theme, by giving a certain level of your personal touch, you can surely use it for cafes and restaurants. 

Sports Bar Menu Flyer

22. Rustic Menu Template

A beautiful tri-fold menu with a dark rustic theme, Rustic Menu Template can be perfect for not only for restaurants and cafes but also for steak houses. The best thing about this template is that it allows you to customize in seconds. It also comes with friendly customer support. 

Rustic Menu Template

23. Chalkboard Cafe Menu

Another template from the black and white minimalist edition, Chalkboard Cafe Menu has a classic yet intriguing designed template. Readable texts along with eye-catching images can be a perfect solution for your foods and drinks menu. 

Chalkboard Cafe Menu

24. Classy Food Menu 5

If you’re looking to give a book-type feel to your restaurant menu, This template has covered all the necessary elements. The package includes 8 A4 pages, an A3 menu poster, a table tent, a personal card, and much more. Although the template has used free fonts, you can customize it according to your will. 

Classy Food Menu 5

25. Pizzeria Restaurant Menu

While this template was specifically designed for pizza outlets, you are free to edit it as per your needs. It is compatible with Adobe Illustrator.

The package includes 4 A5 and A3 size pages. The pictures used in the template are used for only illustration purposes as the package does not contain pictures. 

Pizzeria Restaurant Menu

26. Steak House Menu flyer

There are very few steak menu templates that can replace the creativity of this template.

The file includes a two-sided design and is compatible with Photoshop PSD. While the front page covers the elegant design, the second page offers a well-organized menu. 

Steak House Menu flyer

27. Mexican Food Menu

The eye-catching design of this template will suit crispy and spicy food items. Available in A4 size, the template is compatible with Photoshop PSD. All the text is easily readable. Moreover, the template is print-ready for your immediate use. 

Mexican Food Menu

28. Vintage Stylish Restaurant Package

Vintage style, especially the black and white design templates aren’t going anywhere in the future.

In fact, to provide elegance, this template is a perfect solution. The package includes 6 items – 8 pages A4 sized menu, 1 A3 sized poster, a business card, and 2 table tents. This all-in-one menu solution is well-organized and print-ready. 

Vintage Stylish Restaurant Package

29. Typography Menu

A rather simple and sophisticated menu template can prove to be an absolute winner for not only restaurants but also for cafes, and bars. This template enables you to easily edit the text as well as the color. However, it is only available in size – A3. 

Typography Menu

30. Doodle Cafe Menu + Business Card

The features that make this menu template so popular are its easy-to-read design and 3-D elements. Compatible with Photoshop PSD, this template does not only allow you to edit the text and color but also you can change the images via smart objects. The file comes in size – A4 along with a 3.75 X 2.25 inches business card. 

Doodle Cafe Menu

31. Restaurant Menu

To create a buzz amongst your customers by highlighting your best dishes, you’ll definitely make everyone order more out of the menu. Available in size A4, the best thing about this template is that it is very user-friendly as you can easily edit text and images. 

Restaurant Menu

32. Restaurant Menu template

The clean white background and vibrant design will surely draw the eyes of your customers. Available in five unique layouts, this Restaurant Menu template is compatible with Photoshop PSD. Moreover, the large-size and bold fonts make the text readable. 

Restaurant Menu template

33. Sailor Restaurant Package

With a solid colored background and black font color, Sailor Restaurant Package has gradually established itself as one of the most popular restaurant menu templates.

The package comprising six items provides an all-in-one solution to your menu needs. The only drawback is that it requires a minimum of Adobe CS6 for editing. 

Sailor Restaurant Package

34. American Burger Menu

American Burger Menu is a classic example of the menus of gourmet burger markets.

However, you can also use it for other snacks/American food items. The big fonts and attractive presentations are compatible with Adobe CS4 or greater versions. 

American Burger Menu

35. Asphalt Food Menu Flyer Template

This template has a multi-purpose creative design that has the potential to appeal to all types of restaurants. The text and image on the template can be easily edited. The package includes an A4 Size page, a letter, and a business card.  

Asphalt Food Menu Flyer Template

36. Multipurpose Restaurant Menu Template

As the name suggests, this template can be used for multi-purposes such as breakfast, cocktails, desserts, and dinners. The text and color of the template can be easily edited. It’s perfect to give a simple yet sophisticated vibe.  

Multipurpose Restaurant Menu Template

37. Minimal Food Menu

If you don’t want to go over the top with your vibrant menu template, Minimal Food Menu can prove to be an ideal approach towards simplicity. The black and white print makes the text easily readable and pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, it is compatible with the minimum Adobe CS2 version. 

Minimal Food Menu

38. Menu Pack

Another multipurpose menu design that can suit every restaurant, cafe, and snack shop needs are compatible with Adobe CS3 software. Not only is it easy to edit but it also has provided extra space to add more menu items. 

Menu Pack

39. Lounge Bar Drink Menu (Modern) 

As the name suggests, this template is best suited for the bar menu. With a black background and white font, the template comes with two different layouts. One displays pricing for a list of drinks and the other allows you to create individual pricing for each drink. 

Lounge Bar Drink Menu

40. Modern Vintage Restaurant Menu Templates

A mixture of vintage and modern style can prove to be just what you wanted for your restaurant space. The vibrant design comes with two layout text styles. It not only allows you to edit the text but also change images with a smart object layer. 

Modern Vintage Restaurant Menu Templates


How you organize your items on the menu and whether you choose a simple design or a vibrant one is up to your personal choice. However, ready-to-use templates can help you make quick decisions.

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