30+ Best Free Bootstrap Admin Templates

Make the admin dashboard of your project look professional with these free templates.

If you are looking for some powerful yet free BootStrap templates for your admin dashboard, then look no further. We have looked at hundreds of awesome bootstrap admin templates and put together a list of the best in the bunch.

Each of these templates excels in different areas be it customizable potential or access to specific features and functionalities. You are sure to find something that meets your requirements.

So without further ado, let’s get on without list of the 30+ best free BootStrap Admin Templates:

1. Adminator


Adminator comes with a massive collection of useful options to help you out in different situations. The template will give you access to many ready-to-use code snippets, custom pages, and many more utilities like a plethora of apps and widgets.

2. Concept


Concept is a responsive BootStrap admin template for people who are more visually inclined. You will get access to 4 different dashboard variations which you can populate using the multitude of premade charts and graphs. Besides this, the template also throws in a lot of code snippets, custom pages, widgets, and other utilities.

3. Nalika

Nalika admin template

Nalika is an excellent BootStrap Admin Template for users who prefer the dark UI. The template gives you a full-on experience of a polished dark mode, coupled with a lot of useful utilities like widgets and applications.

4. AdminPro

AdminPro Bootstrap Admin Template

AdminPro caters to webmasters looking for a colorful and customization heavy admin template. You will get access to plenty of colorful and unique demo variations for your use.

5. Gentelella


Gentelella is a feature-packed admin template built on BootStrap. It comes with a whole host of powerful jQuery plugins and different tools for creating different types of admin panels and backend dashboards. There is also an inbuilt library which is filled with different modules like calendars, charts, progress bars, notifications, and much more.

6. Delight

 Delight Admin Template

Delight is a clean, fast, and lightweight BootStrap admin template which also boasts the modern materialistic design style. It comes with loads of elements variations making it highly customizable. You will even get access to some other features like a dedicated gallery page, blog, Vector Maps, Portfolio, Advanced tables, and much more.

7. Monster Admin Lite

Monster Admin Lite

As you can guess from the name, Monster Admin Lite is the free version of the premium BootStrap Admin template, Monster Admin. Despite being free, it does pack in a lot of useful features including a bunch of page templates, UI components, integrated plugins, forms, tables, charts, and so on.

8. Pixel Admin Lite

Pixel Admin Lite

Pixel Admin Lite is the free version of the popular Pixel Admin Bootstrap admin dashboard template. It is unique without its light colors and modern design style. The template bundles in some page template along with different design elements and modules for adding some variation to your dashboard.

9. CoolAdmin


CoolAdmin is a spectacular BootStrap admin template in terms of flexibility. You will get access to four different dashboard layouts for your customization needs. Besides this, you will gain access to other design elements like tables, badges, register and login pages, and so on.

10. Metis

Metis Admin Template

Metis is a retro style admin template built using the powerful BootStrap framework. It is high on the customization front and is packed with many options and different versions for you to mix and match, and find what is right for you.

11. Lumino

Lumino Admin Template

Lumino offers a clean and fresh looking admin panel template built on the BootStrap framework. There is a free as well as a premium version of the template. With the former, you get access to a bunch of different color schemes along with dozens of widgets and UI elements for added customization. Other than this, you get built-in user functions, menus, and notification support.

12. Matrix Admin

Matrix Admin Template

Matrix Admin is another feature packed, and customization filled admin template on the list. You will get access to over 22 premade pages colla[soble menus, drop down buttons, nav bar, modal windows, tables, graphs, charts, and much more.

13. Paper Dashboard

Paper Dashboard

Paper Dashboard is yet another customization rich admin template which lets you take control over different graphics aspects. Design wise it uses light colors and is very spacious and clean. You can play around with different color schemes, and readymade components, plugins, and pages.

14. Shoppy E-Commerce

Shoppy E-Commerce

Shoppy E-Commerce is an excellent admin panel for online businesses and related projects. It helps integrate a clean, responsive admin template which showcases a variety of statistic so you can stay on top of your game. It also packs in many useful design components as well, including navigations, maps, calendars, graphs, charts, and much more.

15. Material Dashboard

Material Dashboard

Material dashboard, as you can get from the name, takes inspiration from the trending material design to give you a modern looking admin dashboard template. However, it isn’t simply about aesthetics and packs in a lot of useful features as well. You will get access to third-party plugins, 60 handcrafted components, customizable plugins, 3 example pages, and so on.

16. Laravel Angular Admin

Laravel Angular Admin

Laravel Angular Admin is a powerful admin template built a number of different frameworks including BootStrap, Laravel, Angular.js, and Gulp. It also features useful functionalities like Oauth and JWT authentication to help you create custom interfaces.

17. AdminBSB


AminBSB gives you a responsive admin template created following the material design principals. It looks extremely professional and modern and can be easily customized and modified to the users’ likings.

18. Monarch


Monarch is a clean and minimal admin dashboard template built using BootStrap as well as Angular.js. It looks awesome and is filled with a lot of options making it highly customizable as well as flexible. You will get access to a lot of chart libraries as well as design elements and modules like mailboxes, to-do lists, widgets, and so on.

19. Jeweler


Jeweler BootStrap admin template has been particularly created for webmasters running an online jewelry store. All its designs, as well as features, resonates to help users in this specific niche. You will get access to three gorgeous home variations with in-built options that will help you easily manage the e-commerce side of things.

20. Octopus


Octopus is yet another one of those freemium Bootstrap admin templates which are essentially free but throws in some extra features for users willing to pay a premium price. With that being said, Octopus offers quite a number of nifty functionalities rarely found with free templates. This includes a dedicated index page, separate sign-in, and sign-up pages, user profiles, invoices, and an innumerable number of pre-built UI elements.

21. Notika


Notika is another feature-packed free BootStrap admin template. You will get a lot of options that can help you set up a highly functional full-width admin dashboard. You will get access to a lot of widgets, drop-down menus, inner pages, and also dedicated sections for contracts, invoices, logins, and errors.

22. ElaAdmin


ElaAdmin offers a lot of powerful features and functionalities that are rarely seen with free BootStrap admin templates. You will get access to a huge number of libraries, pages, and elements which can help you create rich admin dashboards for you or your clients.

23. Sufee


Sufee gives you a modern looking admin dashboard template built on BootStrap 4. You will get a professional and modern design with the implementation of cards to show you important information. Besides this, the template also packs in a lot of code snippets and other utilities you will find useful for customization.

24. Kiaalap


Kiaalap BootStrap admin template is perfect for academic institutions like universities, colleges, and so on. It follows a very clean and minimalistic design but manages to populate the space with a reasonable overview of useful data. It is also high on customization with a lot of design options as well as three different home screen styles, and over fifty pages.

25. Shards Dashboard Lite

Shards Dashboard Lite

With Shards Dashboard Lite, you get a high-quality BootStrap admin templates which pack in a lot of useful components, demo templates, and so on. On from the Lite at the end of its name, you should understand that there is a premium version to the template. However, the free version is pretty feature-rich an offers a default sidebar, blog post components, user profile, tables overview, and dedicated plugin support for Chart.js, NoUiSlider, Quill, and BootStrap Datepicker.

26. Sing


Contrary to its name, Sing BootStrap template is designed for creating admin dashboards for accounting software, CRM systems, email management systems, and so on. The dashboard makes it very easy to track orders and measure the success rate of your campaigns.

27. Black Dashboard

Black Dashboard

If your affinity is towards black and dark designs, then the appropriately named Black Dashboard should prove to be useful. It focuses on design and customizability and comes with a lot of options to help you take control of your dashboard’s aesthetics. It uses spacious cards, beautiful typography, and modern graphics to not only help your admin space look good, but also make it more functional.

28. Xtreme Admin Lite

Xtreme Admin Lite

Xtreme Admin Lite gives you a clean and professional looking admin template with access to a lot of feed of information. You will get to access a lot of useful components like charts, profile pages, tables, and so on.

29. AdminWrap Lite

AdminWrap Lite

AdminWrap Lite brings forth an admin template following a modular and modern design language. Not only does the template allows the use of regular UI components to populate the space, but you also get access to some extra features which like the option to include images, get a chart on daily traffic distribution, and much more.

30. React Reduction

React Reduction

As you might have already guessed by the name, React Reduction is an admin template which is designed using both React and Bootstrap. It is a very colorful template which isn’t merely focused on looks but also provides many useful components like clean and spacious cards, charts, widgets, forms, dropdowns, carousels, modals, and so on.

31. Wody


Wody Bootstrap admin template brings together a dark theme along with a modern glass design to bring forth an awesome looking template. It also provides many functional uses with a host of different pages, mailboxes, UI elements, forms, tables, maps, and multiple layouts.

32. Now UI Dashboard

Now UI Dashboard

Now UI is a sleek and modern looking admin dashboard template. It uses an awesome color scheme which looks attractive but also comfortable to the eye at the same time.

The use of spacious cards helps give it a very clean design language. And it is also packed in with a lot of customization options and useful plugins to get much of the basic work done.

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