6 Best Call To Action WordPress Plugins

Call to action plugins are a very important part of any WordPress blog or business site because it brings an objective to your business.

If you are just putting out content and not asking your visitors to take action, then you are missing a huge opportunity.

Now, when we talk about the call to action, it could be of different types of activities such as subscribing to your email list, buying your products, sharing your content on social media sites, etc.

Most of the premium quality WordPress themes come with built-in call-to-action modules for different activities. However, you can add a custom call-to-action plugin to your site to make it way more comprehensive.

There are so many top-quality plugins in the market for almost everything you want to do on your site that a newbie user may get confused easily.

In this article, we have listed the top call-to-action WordPress plugins that will help you to make your WordPress site action-oriented and increase the conversion to a great extent.

What Are The Best Call To Action WordPress Plugins?

There are a number of call-to-action plugins that you can use on your WordPress sites. The call to action could be for social media sharing, email subscription, or optimized links to buy your product.

Here are some of the top call-to-action plugins that you can use.

01. Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Monarch is one of the most popular and widely used social media plugins from ElegantThemes that offers you amazing modern design for your social sharing buttons and different placement options.

Generally, when you use an external social plugin, it impacts the overall loading speed of your site and makes it slower by a few microseconds depending on the quality of the plugin.

The Monarch plugin takes care of this potential issue perfectly and makes sure that your site doesn’t get slower even by a bit.

Monarch is a comprehensive plugin that offers you a powerful admin panel where you can fine-tune the settings of your social media placement to make sure it is highly optimized for conversion.

Monarch Plugin

The plugin comes with some amazing design templates for the social media buttons, so you can choose from the available option making your site look modern and trendy.

Placement is another important factor when it comes to social sharing conversion. You have to make it easier for your users to share your content quickly to increase the number of shares.

The monarch plugin offers you some different placement options to choose from, and all these placements come with a proven track record.


Monarch social plugin offers you the option to choose from a huge list of social media sites; it covers almost all the popular networks that you would like to share your content.

However, as it is popularly said less is more; you only select a few that you would like your content to be shared.


The plugin is fully responsive, and it will make your social sharing buttons look great on all devices. You have detailed statistics to understand what is working for your site and what is not so that you can make your decisions accordingly.


02. WP Notification Bar Pro

Notification bars are considered one of the most effective call to action type because it has a long proven track record.

You must have seen notification bars in the header or footer section of popular sites asking you to take different actions such as subscribing to an email list or showcasing some special offers, the click-through rate of these notification bars is quite impressive.

If you are working on your WordPress blog regularly, you will need a notification bar plugin sooner or later. So, why not use the best option we have in the market.

The WP Notification Bar Pro plugin is created by the MyThemeShop team known for creating super quick SEO-friendly products.

This is one of the most comprehensive notification bar plugins available in the market. It offers you great functionality and amazing control to make them as per your requirement.

The plugin comes with a powerful admin control panel where you can manage all the settings for your site effectively.

You can set up your notification to do a lot of different activities on your site; you can use it to showcase any important announcement, you can use it as an opt-in email form, you can use it to place your social profile links and to display special offers on your site.

If you are using it as an email opt-in form at the top of your site which is the highest converting placement on any site, you can link the plugin to most of the leading email marketing service providers.

You can set the start date and end date for any notification so that it stops showing on your site when the deal duration ends.

You can use the notification bar to show different offers on different pages of your site to make sure that the conversion is at its peak.

Overall, it is undoubtedly one of the most effective call to action plugins for WordPress.


03. Bloom Plugin

Bloom is again a very popular product from the ElegantThemes store. This is an email opt-in WordPress plugin with amazing options and features that will help you to increase the email subscription rate of your site.

Setting up an opt-in email form is one of the first things you need to do on your blog because your email list will become the most important asset for your business in the long run.

Once you have a good amount of email subscribers, you can drive traffic to your best offers whenever you need; you will not be dependent on the search engine or social media traffic.

Now, there are so many free and premium email subscription plugins in the market, why should you use the Bloom plugin?

Well, there are a few reasons why Bloom can be your best choice.

The first one is that the product is created by Elegant Themes who is in the WordPress product business for a long time. They have a strong support team in case you need any help with the product.

The Bloom is a completely modern email opt-in plugin that offers you great features and options to make sure the conversion is at a maximum.

The plugin offers you a comprehensive control panel where you can set up all the options for your form easily. You will have complete control over the design; you can add a custom image to your email subscription form, and you can change the color combination of the form to match the style of your site.

The Bloom plugin offers you tons of ready-to-be-used template designs for your email subscription form; you can choose any of these templates and make your form ready in a minute.


The plugin comes with a comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard where you can check the available forms and the conversion rate of each form to make sure what is working on your site.


There are so many amazing features offered by the plugin; you can read this review of Bloom Plugin here. Also, as ElegantThemes comes with the membership business model, you will get a number of other products such as the popular Divi Theme, Divi Builder, Monarch plugin, Extra Theme along with Bloom plugin.

Also, don’t forget to get a 20% discount on the ElegantThemes membership using this link.


04. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is one of the leading social sharing plugins for WordPress sites; this plugin has a lot of advantages over other competitor products.

The plugin is simple and easy to get started with and a complete newbie can setup the plugin perfectly within a few minutes.

The Social Warfare plugin is used by many leading bloggers and WordPress sites as it is perfect for conversion.

The plugin offers you a comprehensive dashboard to manage your settings; you can choose the placement of the social sharing buttons.

The plugin gives you the option to set custom Tweetable messages so that your visitors can share your custom content with just a click.

There is a great advantage of this plugin is that when you move your site to another URL or you are just moving your site from HTTP to HTTPs you lose the old share counts, and this plugin gives you the option to retrieve the old share count.

This plugin also offers you a built-in option to set a custom sharing options for the Pinterest platform which is one of the best sources of traffic for many bloggers.


05. AddThis

When we are talking about the best call to action WordPress plugins, you can’t leave AddThis out of this list.

AddThis is a complete solution to increase and engage your website visitors. Over 15 million sites are already using the AddThis tools to power their sites.

This tool offers you a number of different call-to-action types, and you can choose the ones that you wish to use on your site.

AddThis is generally known for the social sharing buttons but is more than just the social sharing options. It offers you follow option, related content option, email list building options, and more.

For the WordPress platform, they have related a number of different plugins that you can use on your site to make sure that everything is taken care of.

AddThis Call To Actions

06. Optin Monster

One of the most widely used email optin systems for marketers. The Optin Monster plugin will surely help your business to grow in terms of revenue and traffic.

This plugin will help you to convert your site visitors into subscribers. Optin Monster is already one of the most preferred tools for the leading affiliate marketers and bloggers.

The plugin is ready to get started and you will get access to the top conversation ready to be used in email subscription templates.

You get access to over 60 ready-to-be-used templates that you can choose and customize as per your requirement.


The mobile-friendly templates can be extremely effective in targetting your visitors through all devices.

There are multiple optin types to choose from, you can use a popup, an inline form below your content, a sidebar widget, a floating bar, and more.

The powerful targeting of the plugin makes it special. You can trigger the popup when it is most likely to convert. You also have page-level targeting depending on your page or product type.

You also have the option to set up A/B testing for your optin forms to understand what is converting and what is not so effective.

Optin Monster

Final Word

The above-mentioned five plugins are some of the best call to action WordPress plugins that you can use to increase the conversion rate of your site.

If you are looking for more options, here is a detailed list of top call-to-action plugins that you can have a look at.

Hope this list is helpful for you.

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