20 Best Bootstrap Search Bar Templates

If you are looking for the best Bootstrap search bar templates, we have a lit of templates here in this article that you can use for free.

This article covers the best Bootstrap Search Bar Templates.

A search bar is more than a navigation tool for users on a website. It’s an interactive widget that provides your users with a way to explore your website’s content. 

A well-designed and eye-catching search bar can not only enrich the user experience but also help them consume more content and eventually make a purchase from your website. 

But how do you select the best one for you? 

Don’t worry! We have done extensive research and compiled a list of Bootstrap Search Bar Templates.

Have a look!

1. Expandable Search Bar Animation 

If you’re looking for an adaptive search bar design, Expandable Search Bar Animation is the best Bootstrap search bar template. This template covers all the necessary elements to bring the right kind of sophisticated look to your website. 

The animation design allows the user to expand the search bar just by hovering the cursor over the magnifying glass icon. Its minimalist design can perfectly fit all kinds of business websites. 

2. Simple Search Bar 

Giving your website an evergreen look, Simple Search Bar has the potential to be one of the best search bar templates. Applicable for both mobile and web searches, this template uses a minimalist blue border color with a white search button. 

Although fancy search bar designs can attract some segments of your audience, this Simple Search Bar template has the potential to always stay fresh for the eyes. 

3. Amazon-like Search Box 

Amazon has set the standards in the industry when it comes to showcasing a wide range of products on the website. To make the search process easier, you can also use the Amazon-like Search Box template on your website. 

If you’ve got an eCommerce website, the bordered search box, along with a drop-down menu on the left side, will allow you to showcase as many categories as you want for your products. 

4. Search Form with Animated Search Button

Created using HTML/CSS, Search Form with Animated Search Button has all the essential attributes to be among the top contenders on our list. The template uses a white border and dark pink search bar area. 

With the animation effect, the magnifying glass icon on the right can convert into a right arrow when you hover your mouse over it. 

5. Fancy Search Box 

If you’re looking for something fancy enough to attract your audience into buying the stuff they need, the Fancy Search Box is an ideal option for you. 

The feature that makes this template one of the best is its animation effect. As soon as the user clicks on the search bar, the round border of the search bar vanishes. It is only left with an underline making the user experience visually appealing. 

6. Search Bar Animation 

Available in HTML, CSS, and JS coding, Search Bar Animation is another search box from the animation collection. Only this time, there’s a slight twist. 

With the Search Bar Animation, you’ll be able to see the search box only when you click on the search icon. This search box makes your website look more spacious. 

7. Header Search 

With two options to choose from, Header Search can prove to be the right search box template if you’re looking for the only web search audience. This search box employs both a drop-down menu and a navigation bar search box. 

While the first option allows you to search on the website without affecting the layout of the navigation bar, the second option vanishes the navigation bar. 

8. Advanced Dropdown Search 

Following all the SEO guidelines, it’s safe to say that Advanced Dropdown Search will help you rank better on the search engine. The drop-down menu will allow you to filter results from the most recommended, top-rated, top-snippets, and various other categories. 

You can also put the desired keyword to search for the available content on the website. The design of the search box is kept pretty simple and is available through HTML/CSS coding.

9. CSS Search Field Animation 

CSS Search Field Animation is a very similar animation bootstrap template to the ones discussed above. The search box can expand automatically as soon as you hover your cursor over the magnifying glass icon. 

The design is kept pretty simple and minimalist. It uses a white border with a purple color background. 

10. Awesome Search Box 

As the name suggests, Awesome Search Box has put the animation CSS to the best use. If you want to grab your audience’s attention as quickly as possible, this template’s red and black contrast background would be a perfect approach. 

As soon as you place your cursor on the search icon, the search box expands. It also collapses immediately to save your website the desired space. 

11. Search Panel with Filters 

If you’re looking for a search bar that would fit your eCommerce website, you should give it a try to the Search Panel with Filters. It provides a drop-down menu that includes 4 options to choose from. 

You can also add one custom option to the filter. Available in HTML, CSS, and JS, you just have to paste the coding on your website to get started.  

12. Bootstrap Table Search Bar 

If you have a career finding or educational website that targets users based on their geographical area, you’ll need to show more filtered results. Bootstrap Table Search Bar will help get one for your website. 

The table is divided into three categories – name, job, and city. You’ll also get a search bar without a search icon. 

13. Bootstrap Search Bar 

For those who own an eCommerce business and target their customers based on ratings or reviews, Bootstrap Search Bar is an ideal template.

This template allows users to enter a keyword and choose a rating from the drop-down menu. To get started, you just have to copy the HTML or CSS code on your website. 

14. Icon to Search Snippet 

Designed by Karl Kasischke by using CSS, Icon to Search Snippet provides animation to the search button icon. Instead of hovering over the icon, you have to click on the icon and it will expand into a search box. 

The biggest advantage of using this search box is that you can place it anywhere on the website. To get you started, you can copy the HTML/CSS code on your website. 

15. Search Bar 

To keep your users engaged to your website, the Search bar is designed with the help of minimalist design and CSS animation. 

To make the search process work, the users have to click on the magnifying glass button and it will automatically expand to a search box. Users can enter their keywords there. The search bar will only disappear when the users enter their keywords. 

16. Simple Search Field 

Although it might look like an ordinary search bar to you, the voice-control feature is what sets it apart from the rest. 

Since voice search is gaining more popularity on the search engine, this search field can prove to be a good way to interact with site visitors. This will help your users to save some quality time and effort. Both HTML and CSS codes are available for this design. 

17. Minimal Search Bar 

As the name suggests, the Minimal Search Bar is here to give your website a quirky and minimalist design. To take less space on your webpage, the search bar design uses CSS animation that expands only when clicked on the search icon. 

It further provides a close icon under the search bar that allows the users to close the box without requesting any search query. 

18. Carousel with Search 

Although its attractive background makes it appealing to a lot of websites, its limited use is what restricts it from being the best Bootstrap search bar template. 

With three different categories to showcase, this search bar is ideal for car rental websites. The three different categories allow your users to choose from pickup city, drop city, and vehicle. You can use the HTML or CSS code to get this search bar on your website running. 

19. Full-Screen Search 

This particular bootstrap search bar is ideal for users that you have on your website who have recurring queries. The Full-Screen Search bar would allow them to navigate through the website without any extensive effort. 

The search bar includes two custom links, a drop-down menu, and a search box. This type of search bar can be put to best use by a streaming platform or a social media platform. 

20. UI #2 – Search Bar 

To give your website a spooky or mysterious look, you should try UI #2 – Search bar. As soon as you tap the search icon, it expands into a red-colored palette with round color borders and a magic vibe to it. 

You can close the search bar by clicking on the cross icon. This way, the search bar won’t occupy a lot of space on your website. 


To target a great number of customers, you’ll need a responsive and attractive Bootstrap search bar template and this list will help you find one. 

We hope that you find the search bar design/template you’ve been looking for. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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