50 Minimal Blogger Templates

If you are planning to create your website using BlogSpot, here's a list of top Blogger templates that you can use to create your website.

In this article, we will cover minimal blogger templates that you can use for your Blogspot blogs

We all know that minimal design templates are the most popular blogging templates as they bring the best out of the reading experience. Moreover, these templates provide you with the easiest way to create and manage your blogs.

We have done extensive research and brought to you minimal blogger templates. All of them are fully responsive and SEO friendly. 

Without wasting another second, let’s get started!

1. True Blog 

Whether you’re looking for a blog template for a fashion news site or a travel writing site, True Blog is undisputedly the best minimalist design blog template. The template includes a drop-down menu, social bookmark integration, SEO readiness, fast loading time, and browser compatibility. 

2. Angel 

Angel is another stunning-looking and powerful multipurpose blogger template. Its minimalist layout makes it one of the best templates when it comes to performance-based on readability. This template is ideal for creative blog sites such as travel blogs, fashion blogs, and tech blogs.

3. Robusta 

When it comes to giving your audience a professional experience, there are a few better than Robusta blogger templates. This feature-rich template covers fast loading time, SEO compatibility, Drop-down menu, social media integration, page navigation menu, and many more such features. 

4. Carolina 

Suitable for multi-purposes such as travel, fashion, food, and even photography, Carolina is a minimalist template that is 100% responsive, The advantage of using this template is that it covers every aspect of SEO to rank your site better on the search engine. Moreover, it includes an email subscription widget social media integrations. 

5. Best Clean

As the name suggests, Best Clean is a simple-looking minimalist design blogger template that can be used for personal blogs, fashion blogs, travel blogs, etc. The simple design ensures maximum readability and its responsive layout ensures that it is beautifully displayed among all devices. 

6. Central Blog 

Although the Central Blog template is specifically made for personal blogs, it can fit perfectly for travel, fashion, and DIY blogs as well. The design of this template is kept very clean with the white and blue color combination. The template also facilitates SEO adaptability, drop-down menu, and browser compatibility. 

7. Lily Fashion 

Lily Fashion is a minimalist blogging template that is specifically made for girly and fashion blogging websites. The best feature of this template is its soothing design that is always pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, this template offers a wide range of customizable features. 

8. Brownie Personal 

Designed by OddThemes, Brownie Personal is one of the best minimalist blogger templates that is known for its premium quality design and rich features. Along with social media integration, you’ll get a featured slider with this template that supports videos. 

9. Cheerup 

With an elegant and minimalist design, Cheerup has every essential to be on our list. While this template was specifically built for photography websites, it can also be used for photography, fashion, and personal blogging sites as well. With HTML and CSS3 coding, you won’t have to worry about your website’s loading time. 

10. Melissa 

If you’re looking for a modern minimalist design for your fashion blog website, there are a few better than Melissa blogger template. Although it won’t be fair to say that it doesn’t qualify for travel blogging or tech blogging sites. The design is fully responsive with an enhanced mobile layout. 

11. Rareti 

With a three-column layout, Rareti is a beautifully minimalist designed blogging template that can be used for several purposes. The layout is 100% responsive and SEO friendly and includes features such as post thumbnails, social bookmarking icons, error page, etc. 

12. Baking Blog 

As the name suggests, Baking Blog is a clean, modern-looking, minimalist template that is ideal for baking websites. Although we would recommend you to use it for crafts, DIY, and other home-related websites as well. The template includes 2-column and a right sidebar. The layout is fully responsive. 

13. Trendy 

Trendy has started to gain popularity nowadays due to its clean and minimalist design. Being clean and classy, this template will make it easier for your readers to read content on your website. You won’t have to worry about the installation of this theme as the template theme provides free installation services. The template also provides social media icon widgets and SEO adaptability. 

14. Travelista 

If you’re looking for a perfect and decent-looking travel blogger template, your search ends here with Travelista. By providing 100% responsive design, Travelista ensures that the website adjusts to every screen size. Its features include a Pinterest hover share icon, social media icon widget, customizable gadgets, and fonts, etc. 

15. Clean Minimal 

Whether you’re looking for a website template for your handcrafted items or your photography, this multi-purpose template can be put to use in various settings. Among its several features, you’ll get 2 columns, SEO compatible, retina-ready display, and browser compatibility. 

16. Claire 

Claire is an elegant, minimal template that is ideal for fashion and photography websites. Equipped with schema snippet and meta tags, this template will ensure that your site fulfills all the SEO requirements. The template also provides customizable widgets with ad-ready slots. 

17. Counter

Another multi-purpose template that can be used for various blogging sites. The best feature of this template is its high-quality sliders and carousel layouts. You can put your best images on display right on the home page to attract your audience. The template also provides social media widgets and SEO adaptability. 

18. Maverick

Maverick is a well-coded template with a masonry grid layout that is known for its clean and modern design. This template is specifically designed while keeping readability in mind. So, you won’t face any difficulties with your travel, news, lifestyle, or fashion blogging website.  

19. Couture Personal 

A fully responsive blogger template, Couture Personal is equipped with a wide range of features to showcase. With this template, you’ll get grid featured boxes, custom author widgets, responsive navigation, social media functionality, and many other such features. 

20. Emma Personal 

If you want to tell your story creatively, Emma is a minimal blogger template that you should give a try. The template is SEO friendly and provides a fully responsive layout for tablets, phones, and desktops. The template is also equipped with a set of customization options. 

21. tdSimple 

If you want your readers to concentrate on your content, the tdSimple template would be the most suitable for that. Its minimalist design has gained itself, several users, in the last decade. With the drop-down menu, navigation, and social media integration, this template can prove to be a useful choice. 

22. Featured Personal 

Designed by OddThemes, Featured Personal can be a good choice if you’re looking for a personal blog template. Its minimalist design makes it possible for your readers to focus on the content displayed on the website. Moreover, it is equipped with all the necessary and premium features. 

23. Prose 

With 1 column and 100% fully responsive design, the Prose blogger template has all the necessary elements for travel, personal, and fashion blog websites. The template also includes post thumbnails, footer columns, social media integration, and SEO compatibility. 

24. SEO Rocket 

As the name suggests, SEO Rocket is specifically designed to rank better on search engines such as Google and Bing. You can use this template for news, personal blogging, and fashion blogging websites. For perfect SEO optimization, the template provides meta tags, on-page SEO, and clean code. 

25. Elise 

Elise is a professional-looking blogger template that can be used for personal blogs, travel blogs, photography, and even fashion blogs. The template uses a color combination of black, white, and green that makes the content more readable. With the template, you’ll get features such as a drop-down menu, WhatsApp sharing, 3 columns footer. 

26. Insomnia 

Although we would recommend you to use this template for fashion blogs or magazines, you can put this to use for other creative purposes as well. The biggest advantage of using this template is customizable features. It allows you to change color, background, themes, among many other things. 

27. Thoughtful 

If you are looking for a creative template for your blogging site, you’d love Thoughtful. With this template, not only the installation process is easier but also the customization process. The template allows you to customize the text and background color. 

28. Flora Hand-Crafted 

Flora Hand-Crafted is a minimal blogger template that is specifically designed for female bloggers and artists. This template showcases some of the best features such as responsive design, Youtube video compatibility, multi-child commenting system, and Ads compatibility. 

29. Frau 

Another minimal blogger template that is ideal for girly blogging and fashion blogging sites. With 2 columns and a responsive design, its fair to say that the content on the website would be more readable. Also, the template not only provides social bookmarking icons but also allows you to edit them. 

30. Milla 

Milla is a grid-based masonry layout template that is highly recommended for personal blogging websites. It’s SEO capabilities and easy-to-customize features made it stand on our list. The template uses HTML and CSS3 clean codes that put a limit on the loading time. 

31. Mangata 

Mangata is a clean and beautiful template that is perfect for travel blogging websites. The minimalist design will make the website readable. Moreover, the template uses clean codes and all the files are perfectly organized for minimum loading time. 

32. Korve 

Specifically designed for creative bloggers, Korve is an elegant-looking template that is ideal for personal and lifestyle blogs. Among its latest features, you can create your header style and customize 3 amazing slider layouts. The biggest advantage of using this template uses a clutter-free layout that ensures 100% responsiveness. 

33. Glamour 

Glamour blogger template is a multi-purpose template that can be used for movies, photography, personal blogs, and even fashion blogs. The template allows you to choose from 1 column, 2 column, 3 column, and 4 column layouts. You also get post thumbnails, email subscription widget, browser compatibility, and much more.

34. Hilary 

The elegant-looking Hilary template is suitable for personal blogs, recipe blogs, travel blogs, and tech blogs. The biggest advantage of using this template is that the theme is built with an advanced blogger dashboard panel. It also comes with SEO compatibility and a 100% responsive design. 

35. BMag 

BMag is a magazine blogger template that gives you relaxation from the need of coding. Instead of coding, it gives you a drag-and-drop feature for easy customization. It also provides a powerful admin panel that allows you to customize colors, fonts, and widgets.

36. ChicMag 

With multi-option layouts, ChicMag is a premium blogger template that can be used for photography, fashion blogs, and travel blogs. It has a creative appeal that attracts many bloggers to use it in their different styles. Not only is this template SEO friendly but it also uses clean codes for fast loading time. 

37. Kylie Jo 

If you’re looking for a template that gives a fresh to your blogging website, Kylie Jo is the template that you should give a try. It can be suitable for fashion, personal, and travel blogs. The template includes 2 columns, well-designed threaded comments, and a right sidebar. 

38. Lara 

Unlike the rest of the blogger templates mentioned on this list that have a general appeal, Lara is specifically designed for photography bloggers. It has some of the best features to showcase such as social media sharing on post pages, a Pinterest sharing button, and infinite scrolling. 

39. Legenda Personal 

Another template designed by OddThemes, Legenda Personal is known for its eye-catching featured category boxes. Its responsive minimalist themes can be best used for lifestyle and fashion blogs. For faster loading, this template uses clean HTML and CSS coding. 

40. Minimag 

Ideal for designers, bloggers, and writers, Minimag is a blogger template that is known for its clean and attractive design. The minimalist design makes it possible for readers to focus on the content of the website. The template also includes one ad slot in the header area. 

41. Minimalia 

A minimalist design blogger template, Minimalia can be a perfect way to showcase your photography and fashion blogs. With several posts layouts and a modern style post format, this template tends to attract photography lovers. The template is also equipped with social media share buttons. 

42. Perfection 

Perfection is a minimal multipurpose template that can be used for fashion, sports, lifestyle, and travel blogs. The template is fully responsive and is capable to adjust according to the screen size. With powerful navigation and an amazing layout, you can make the most of this template. 

43. Revo 

Revo is an elegant-looking blogger template that can be used for various settings. It has some of the best features to showcase such as a drop-down menu, ads ready display, vertical drop-down menu, social bookmarking options, retina display, and email subscription widgets. 

44. Maysa 

Maysa is another minimal blogger template that is known for customization abilities. The template allows you to customize backgrounds, colors, fonts, and many more such things. The template also includes a multi-level drop-down menu. 

45. Fashionable 

With hefty customization options and intuitive design, Fashionable has all the necessary elements to delight your readers. It is a fully responsive design and is SEO-friendly. You’ll get sticky navigation and sidebar, along with social media icons in the footer, with this template. 

46. Insee 

Insee is a minimal blogger template that can be used to showcase personal blogs as well as commercial materials. The design is fully responsive and supports Google’s web fonts. To get you started, it provides you over 5 home page demos. 

47. Sprinx 

Sprinx offers two versions of the template – free and premium. While the free version isn’t equipped with any major features, the premium version has all the features stored for you. In the premium version, apart from having all the basic features, you’ll also get lifetime premium support and updates.

48.  Blogxer

Blogxer is an elegant-looking blogger template that is most suitable for makeup or beauty blogs. Nevertheless, it is still quite appealing for daily blogging and review blogs. The template provides an Instagram widget option and WhatsApp sharing option. 

49. SEO Sports 

If you want to deliver daily news related to sports, you’ll find the SEO Sports template pretty useful. The template comes with a range of powerful tools that will help you save a lot of back-end time. Along with 100% SEO ready, this template also provides social media share buttons.

50. Rosemary 

Rosemary is a premium minimal well-coded blogger template that can inspire photographers and beauty bloggers. This template is equipped with ads ready display, sidebar authors and label widgets, and image thumbnail widgets. You can also display an Instagram widget to showcase your Instagram gallery. 


We hope that the above list of minimal blogger templates will make your website look interesting and bring the best out of your creativity. 

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