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20 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress 2018

in WP-Collections on October 6, 2018

Creating a regular backup of your WordPress site is extremely important even if your hosting company offers you the backup option.

A huge number of websites are created on WordPress CMS these days, so WordPress is one of the most attacked CMS at the same time.

Technology has its downside, and one such downside is the risks that websites face regarding getting hacked or things going wrong while hosting the same.

Backup plugins are available for websites created using WordPress to make sure that your site is safe all the time. These plugins ensure that the affected websites are made live with all its contents and updates at all points of time.

In this post, we have collected some of the best backup plugins for WordPress that will ensure the safety of your content & your site.

Best WordPress Plugins for Backup & Restore

My WP Backup Pro

My WP Backup Pro is a WordPress backup plugin created by MyThemeShop. If you are managing a very active site, downtime due to data loss can cost you a lot of money, so why not make it sure that your site is safe.

This plugin will help you to take regular backup of your site files and content and set it to you through email, or you can take the backup of third-party services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.

It comes with huge flexibility and changes the settings as per your requirement; you can include or exclude files as per your requirement. The plugin comes with video tutorial as well as complete documentation to make things easier for the users.


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VaultPress is more than just a backup plugin. This tools will take care of the security of your site to a huge extent and make sure that your site is safe from viruses, malware. This plugin will scan your site and eliminate the viruses, malware to make sure that your site is safe.

VaultPress automatically detect and eliminate viruses, malware on your site and eliminate those. It will also repair the files that are affected on the go, so a huge amount of your tension is well-taken care by this plugin.

It will protect your brand and make it spam free. As far as the backup of your site is concerned, you can set an automated real-time backup of your site data to make sure that your site is up and running all the time.

This plugin will cost you $3.50 which is an extremely affordable price for such amazing features.


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BackupBuddy is one of the most popular and old backup plugins for WordPress. However, it’s a little expensive for general users; the price starts from $80 per year.

This plugin will help you to keep your site safe, and it will make the process easier if you are migrating your site to a new host.

This plugin will keep your site in safe custody, and offer you the flexibility that you need to take backup of every file on your site. If you are managing a high-end site that runs on WordPress, this is a nice option for you.


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Backup is a WordPress plugin that helps users to create the unlimited backup of the website they intend to backup.

It also supports the restoration of backed up files as many times as required. The backup plugin helps people migrate their website from one hosting domain to another at all points of time using the built-in import and export features.

The main advantage of using the Backup plugin is the option it gives to the user to choose the specific files that need to be backed up.

Backup is a highly competitive program that allows uploading to as well as importing from FTP/SFTP, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Google Drive.

Backup regular license costs $30. Users who want to go in for the extended license can do so making a payment of $80


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Backup & Restore

Backup and Restore is an astonishing plugin which helps users restore the complete website even when it crashes totally.

When the website crashes, website owners will not be able to access the site through dashboard since the same will not get displayed.

When this plugin is installed, by just clicking once on the backup-and-restore/settings/others section, the crash key can be generated using which the website can be brought back to life. Backup and Restore allow users to schedule the backup of websites as per their timings.

Users can opt for the automatic backup as well as deletion as per their choice. Backup and Restore regular version are available for $35. The cost of the extended license is $150.


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Backup & Clone Master

Back & Clone Master is a complete package that does the work of an expert application and cannot be termed as a simple plugin.

The one click Restore and advanced cloning feature it comes with add immense value to the user’s desire to maintain a high-quality website.

Backup & Clone Master allows backup of the complete website to the computer’s hard disks while storing automatic backups on the server.

It provides the unique advantage of sending regular backups to email and to upload backups to Dropbox in an automated manner.

The cloning site that is created by Backup & Clone Master plugin gets stored in a different domain for security reasons. It also allows moving the website from development to production and vice versa whenever required.

The regular license Backup & Clone Master costs $33, and an extended license is available at $165.


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WooSettings can be highly useful to safeguard eCommerce websites. By configuring a WooCommerce store, all settings related to the same gets stored in a unique database which can be extracted and exported to a CSV file whenever required.

Using the CSV file, data can be imported at a later time when needed. This data can also be moved to a different WooCommerce store for added protection and convenience. While WooCommerce regular license costs $36, the extended license cost $370.


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Super Backup & Clone

Being the only plugin available on CodeCanyon, Super Backup offers a streamlined backup and cloning experience for its users.

It is considered to be the number one best selling plugin that provides backup solutions. Super Backup & Clone helps users to backup their complete website in just a couple of clicks.

It helps users to establish cloud connections between any two websites created using WordPress. It allows users to backup the site on an hourly daily as well as on a weekly basis with the help of the built-in backup scheduler.

Restoration of the lost website can be done within seconds with the help of saved snapshots or through file upload.

Super Backup & Clone regular license is available for $34, and the extended version can be purchased for $190.


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Ether Backup

Ether Backup is a word press plugin that allows complete customization of backups. Users can easily upload or download backups in a quick manner using Ether Backup. It is considered to be a highly versatile and user-friendly backup plugin when compared with other similar products available for use.

Ether Backup works flawlessly in all type of server environments. The regular license of Ether Backup plugin costs $23, and the extended license costs $115.


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Backup my WP to Dropbox

Backup, My WP to Dropbox, helps webpage/website owners to backup the complete database with just a simple click.

It not only allows database backup but also helps backing up all files related to WordPress website. It enables backing up files in the zip as well as E-Mail formats.

It provides E-Mail notifications about backups to the user in a periodic manner. Backup, My WP to Dropbox, offers support to multiple websites simultaneously.

Backup my WP to Dropbox regular license costs $18, and extended license costs $90.


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WP Anti-Hack File Monitor

WP Anti-Hack File Monitor is a three in one plugin that performs in a Trifold manner to safeguard the website created in WordPress. It allows periodical backing up of the website to safeguard the contents of the same in case it gets hacked by hackers.

The built-in comparing tool lets the user know the exact places that have been modified by the hackers so you can quickly retrieve the original portions. These changes can be noticed even without logging in via FTP.

The regular license of this plugin costs $10, and the extended license costs $50.


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Save & Share Cart

Save & Share Cart is mainly for WooCommerce. The carts feature built in this plugin plays a major role in backing up the website and retrieving the same at a later time.

When carts are saved by customers, a unique link is generated to them through which it can be retrieved later. The carts can also be mailed to customers by the Shop Managers who fill the same with products.

Save & Share Cart plugin allows sharing of carts which have bundled products for sales promotion on social media websites.

Save & Share Cart regular license costs $29, and extended cost costs $150.


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Filetrip is a backup plugin that allows uploading and synching of digital files easily. It is fully integrated with cloud computing. It allows users to browse and select destinations that need to be backed up as well as restored.

This plugin allows instant uploading and forwarding of files and databases to Google Drive, FTP, Word Press and Dropbox. Filetrip lets users build custom forms to collect information that is bound to digital files. Filetrip is capable of creating subfolders in Dropbox that corresponds with the uploaders.

Filetrip regular license is available for $24, and the extended license costs $220


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Super Security

Super Security is a super plugin that provides unlimited controls and options for users to secure their Word Press site easily.

The many numbers of tweaks built in this plugin ensure that high levels of security are provided to the word press site at all points of time.

Taking into consideration all the high tech security features provided by Super Security, it cannot be termed as just another backup plugin for WordPress sites but a complete bulletproof security system.

It constantly helps the users to monitor Live Traffic Activity in multiple URLs safeguarding the sites from getting hacked.

While the Super Security regular license costs $24, the extended license costs $120.


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Export Data

Export Data plug is specifically designed to export the Word Press data of the website to an Excel file or a CSV file. The interface of Export Data is so user-friendly that it allows users to export the data with minimal effort easily.

Export Data offers support to export every single data in the website using WordPress, Postmedia, Usermeta, comments, pages, and post.

Export Data is so perfectly built that it is capable of specifying the desirable order of column for the Excel or CSV files. It also allows export of user passwords in an encrypted form.

Export Data regular license costs $17 and provides support for a 12 months period at an extra cost of $4.88.


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WordPress Database Data Administrator

WordPress Database Data Administrator is mainly useful for creating backups for word press websites. It not only allows backing up of website database but also allows import and export of details in a simple manner.

WordPress Database Data Administrator allows the user to set up automatic backup timings which can be modified as and when required. WordPress Database Data Administrator regular license costs $19, and extended license costs $95.


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WooCommerce Quick Product Settings

WooCommerce Quick Product Settings uses Ajax Technology to provide features that are highly user-friendly. It allows changing the Product settings in WooCommerce in an easy manner.

It allows to edit products in groups and to set selling price regarding percentage. Quick Product Settings helps to search, sort, and filter products in a dynamic manner.

Quick Product Settings regular license costs $10, and extended license costs $60.


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Plugin Backup & Restore

Plug in Backup & Restore is easy to restore plugin which can restore data in just a single click. It is a one-stop solution for taking backup of different types of plugins. It allows users to install multiple plugins all at the same time and saves a lot of time in the installation of the same.

Plugin Backup & Restore allows the users to backup their choice of plugins or all the plugins installed on the website in a periodic manner. Plugin Backup & Restore allows the users to restore all plugins that are backed up whenever required.

Plugin Backup & Restore regular license costs $23, and the extended license costs $115.


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WP Bulkier

WP Bulkier is a plugin that can be used for importing and exporting posts and media that are bulky. It helps WordPress site administrators who do bulk work regarding editing innumerable pages, posts, users and custom post types.

WP Bulkier helps administrators avoid editing individual items like posts. It helps them download all the posts into an Excel file format and import the edited data back to WordPress.

This will save the administrators from performing tasks in a repeated manner which may be monotonous and mind-boggling.

WP Bulkier regular license costs $20, and extended license costs $90.


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Backup plugins are high utility value add-on that offers huge value to the website and blog owners by safeguarding their data. Make the fullest use of these plugins to avoid losing your website data at all points in time.

20 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress 2018
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